Feature Requests

Ads Manager

A dashboard tab in the store manager where vendors can request to feature their products by paying the amount specified by the store owners. After the approval of the request, the product of the vendor is featured for the time...

Support for WooCommerce Points and Rewards

I would like to see the point menu displayed on the marketplace management screen and manage points by linking with ooCommerce Points and Rewards. https://gyazo.com/58311cbbdaf9b6b6632422a2c4acaa87

I would like to be able to import CSV for the order list and customer list.

I would like to be able to import CSV in the order list and customer list on the marketplace management screen. https://gyazo.com/85bb989cfec102b9eb9f576ba4e2589f

Switch shipping fee from tax-excluded input to tax-included input

I would like it to be possible to switch from tax-excluded shipping to tax-included shipping on the WCFM Marketplace management screen. Reference https://gyazo.com/5ed1d9c71e2c309c186946907a4f346a

I would like you to add an entry field for the estimated shipping date in the tracking information.

I would like you to be able to set the estimated shipping date from the calendar by selecting the input field for the estimated shipping date in the tracking information of the order details on the WCFM Marketplace management screen....

Show product attributes in More offer tab + with shortcode

Please add the ability to display product attributes in the More offer table (in the tab and also with shortcode) on single product page, when there are duplicate products from other sellers. For example it could be included a Location,...

Attachments for chat

It would be great if file attachment was added to the live chat so that customers and vendors can share documented evidence with each other when there are issues.

Some Feature Details & Integrations

This Some Futures Requests I will be happy if you do'it in next updates 1- Ads Addon 2- black Friday & some deals addon 3- Modify the Ui/Ux design of vendor store & dashboard style (like Marketing Codecanyon addon for...

Add support for High-Performance Order Storage (COT)

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this email finds you well.I am writing to kindly request consideration for the implementation of a new feature of Woocommerce called High-Performance order storage (COT) that I believe would greatly enhance the overall performance and scability...

WCFM Need to select multi dropdown product category

For those who have many sub-categories, the current system is very poor, if it is updated to provide multi-drop down categories, it would be very beneficial.