WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Analytics

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Analyze your store and store product Analytics from live site Front-end. Smoothly and Elegantly.

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WooCommerce Frontend Manager Analytics

WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Analytics will give you the most easiest and elegant way to check your store analytics. You will have Products and Listings analytics too. Vendors will have their own store analytics as well. Smartest way to setup your Marketing strategy from your own dashboard.

Analytics by Regions

It’s very important for any business to target some particular country or regions at first and then grow step by step.

It’s also very important to know which are my weak regions.

Now you and your vendors will have all these under WCFM – Analytics.

Analytics by Store

How much visitors I have in my Store?

– This is the very first question for any store owner!!

Now you have full power to analysis all these from your own WCFM Dashboard. You may filter data by different date range as well to check how things are improving.

Analytics by Product

Products are heart of any store so it is very important to set right strategy for each-n-every product.

Now you can analyze your every Product’s analytics just by a single-click. Isn’t it cool enough!!

Analytics by Listings

If you are setting up a Listings site then you also have Analytics of your Listings here.

You may filter stats by different date ranges as well!!

Analytics by Product Category

Product Categories are segments of any store so it is very important to know which part of a store is not attract customers.

Now you can analyze your every Product Category’s analytics just by a single-click. Isn’t it necessary!!

To Store Referrers

This is very important to know that my store traffic sources.

This will play the major role in deciding marketing strategies – also help in knowing target audience segments.

Referrers – You will have the top referrers list.

Top View Products Comparison

You will also have the comparison analysis of your store top products as well.


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