How to install WCFM Premium Addons

How to install WCFM Premium Addons

How to install WCFM Premium Addons 800 450 WC Lovers

Download and install WCFM Addons

It’s quite easy to install WCfM paid addons, is nothing but another separate WP Plugin, works as WCFM add-on.

Please follow the below steps –

  1. Logged in to
  2. Go to your my-account dashboard
  3. Find API downloads tab
  4. Download your WCFM Addon plugin zip
  5. Go to your WordPress dashboard -> plugins -> Add new
  6. Find Upload plugin (at top of the page beside main heading)
  7. Upload downloaded zip and press install now
  8. On next screen click on Activate Plugin
  9. You are done

For Activating License –

  1. Go to your WP dashboard
  2. Find for WCFM License menu (possibly last on your left menu items)
  3. Get into it
  4. Filled up data and click Save
  5. You are done.

License Error: Exceeded maximum number of activations

Sometimes user gets this warning on their dashboard at the time of license activation, specially if someone activate/deactivate license too many times or deleted WCFM addons without deactivation the license and again try to reinstall.

First just relax, this is not an error or your license key in not invalid. This is just a help message for you.

Such messages are coming if you delete the plugin without uninstalling deactivating it’s license.

You can resolve this by own very easily, just log in to and go to your “My Account” page. You can see all information regarding your purchases and license keys. You also have activate instance of your license keys, just delete that and try again at you WP dashboard to re-activate the adddon.

Hope now you don’t have any issues now!!

Still if you are facing any issues then give a message (please mention your Order No.) to us via contact form, we will check and fix that on behalf of you.

If you have any further queries or required any assistance then feel free to reach us anytime.


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